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Shift Bioscience is developing small molecules with the potential to reverse visible aging and increase healthy lifespan.  We have prioritized skin care as the first application area of our technology for two reasons. First, the mature state of development of human 3D skin models allows us to optimize our technology faster. Second, the anti-aging facial skin care market is large enough to provide attractive commercial returns for molecules that can demonstrate superior efficacy.

As we get older, the functioning of cells and tissues declines in a non-linear manner. This is accompanied by abrupt changes in bioenergetic, epigenetic and transcriptional state.

At Shift Bioscience we seek to reinstate cellular functional states that support us in earlier life. We target stressors and pathways linked to the abrupt bioenergetic, epigenetic and transcriptional state changes observed in aging cells and tissues. We seek to modulate these changes (which we call state shifts) with small molecules, guided by powerful technologies including the epigenetic aging clock.

State shifts do not affect the identity of a cell but can impact the functioning of the cell and its surrounding tissue.  We believe that reversing state shifts with small molecules provides the most effective approach to reversing visible aging.

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