Investors and Management

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Shift Bioscience received initial seed funding in July 2017 from Jonathan Milner. Further rounds of seed funding were completed in 2019 and in 2021.

Management team
Shift Bioscience’s management team combines extensive experience in the fields of mitochondrial biology, ageing biology, bioinformatics and machine learning. The team is supported by a board with significant experience in growing technology businesses.

Daniel Ives - CEO and Founder

Daniel Ives is the scientific founder who first discovered the gene shifting targets upon which the Shift drug discovery platform is based. Daniel graduated from Imperial College with a degree in biochemistry in 2009. He gained his PhD in 2013 working at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge. He carried out his post-doctoral studies under Ian Holt at the National Institute of Medical Research in Mill Hill, now part of the Crick Institute. Daniel is the named inventor on UK patent application 1900697.2 relating to methods of novel treatment of impaired mitochondria.

Romina Durigon - COO

Romina obtained a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry at The University of Manchester, and more recently studied for her MSc in Bio-Business at the Birkbeck University, providing a valuable perspective of trends in the pharma and biotech industries.

Romina spent 10 years investigating mitochondrial dysfunction and rare genetic diseases in academia. She uncovered the link between mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolism in WHS syndrome, publishing six papers.

Brendan Swain - CSO

Brendan's PhD research was at the Dept of Pharmacology in Cambridge, funded by AstraZeneca, investigating structure-function relationships in multidrug transporters.

Brendan is an expert in the application of machine learning techniques to the development of ageing biomarker clocks. He is the inventor of Shift's novel single-cell transcriptomic ageing clock technology.

Stephen Ives ‐ CFO

Stephen Ives graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1980 with a degree in Biochemistry and gained an MBA degree in 1982 from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvannia. In 1999, he founded Aspective – an early cloud services provider that was later acquired by Vodafone. In 2000 he founded Trigenix, a mobile technology startup which won a number of industry awards and was subsequently acquired in 2004 by Qualcomm.

Jonathan Milner - Advisor & investor

Jonathan is co-founder and currently Deputy Chairman of Abcam plc. He is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who has assisted three technology companies to IPO on the London AIM market. He identified the market opportunity for supplying high-quality antibodies to support protein interaction studies and, in 1998, founded Abcam with David Cleevely and Tony Kouzarides. Abcam went public in 2005 and by the end of 2010 had reached a market cap of £1 billion.

Jonathan gained his doctorate in Molecular Genetics at Leicester University after graduating in Applied Biology at Bath. From 1992–95, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Bath, following which he worked at the University of Cambridge in the Kouzarides Lab researching the molecular basis of breast cancer.

Wolf Reik - Advisor

Prof Wolf Reik is internationally recognised for his fundamental discoveries in epigenetics, including their role in mammalian development, physiology, genome reprogramming, and human diseases. Wolf uncovered the molecular mechanism of genomic imprinting and identified the first multi-tissue epigenetic aging clock in mice. He was awarded the Wellcome Prize in Physiology and is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO).

David Billington - Advisor

David previously led the global discovery program at L'Oreal between 2002 and 2006. He was awarded his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Warwick in 1979. He joined the R&D department of Merck Sharp & Dohme in 1984. In 1995 he was appointed as professor of medicinal chemistry at Aston University.

David was appointed as the global head of discovery research at L'Oreal, based at their R&D headquarters in Paris. There he managed the chemistry and biology programs and was also responsible for negotiating research contracts with academic partners worldwide. He served as Pro Vice Chancellor at Buckingham University between 2012 and 2015.

Aubrey de Grey - Advisor

Aubrey de Grey is Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a California-based biomedical research charity dedicated to combating the aging process. He received his BA in computer science and PhD in biology from the University of Cambridge. Aubrey is also Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research and a sought-after speaker.