May 2021
Daniel moderated the ‘Biomarkers For Ageing & Age-Related Disorders’ workshop at the Oxford Globals Biomarkers Conference including Nir Barzalai and Bernardo Lemos

April 2021
Featured in Nathan Cheng’s Clubhouse Longevity Biotech show

March 2021
Featured in Nathan Cheng’s Mitochondrial Longevity Companies

November 2019
Finalist at BIOEurope Startup Slam

October 2019
Daniel interviewed by Careers in Discovery

August 2019
Daniel interviewed by

June 2019
Finalist, AstraZeneca StartUP competition
Daniel interviews Aubrey de Grey at SENS Institute, Mountain View

May 2019
Accelerate@Babraham 2019 start-up competition winner

April 2019
Daniel attends XPrize Longevity Workshop also attended by Steve Horvath, Peter Diamandis, Aubrey de Grey and Laura Deming

November 2018
First in vivo study started with healthy aged mice

April 2018
First in vivo study started with POLG accelerated aging model

July 2017
Initial seed funding round completed.

June 2017
First UK patent application filed.

May 2017
Company founded by Dr Daniel Ives.

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